About Focus Chemistry

Singapore’s Recommended Chemistry Tutor

Equipped with over two decades of knowledgeable experience, Dion has been invested in teaching students in Singapore and engaging Chemistry students worldwide via e-Tutoring.

His past and current engagement with schools like Hwa Chong Institution, Dunman High School, River Valley High School, and more, have led to his in-depth understanding of Chemistry and interactive techniques for effective teaching.

He is a coach and a mentor that strives to raise academic results and interest in Chemistry through multidisciplinary programmes and courses.

  • Research Monitoring Program
  • Chemistry Olympiad Training
  • Applied Sciences Workshops

No matter the current level, he aims to help students achieve the highest grade possible in the national and/or international exams. His expertise lies in simplifying complex concepts through simple and relatable analogies.

Dion also goes out of his way for his students in organising extra classes as needed to prepare them for tests and assessments. His personalised and student-centric approach in teaching helps develop a fresher and clearer perspective on seemingly complex principles in Chemistry.


Teaching in Higher Education Certificate

IB Diploma Chemistry (Cat 1) Certificate

IB Diploma Chemistry: A focus on Internal Assessment (Cat 3) Certificate

IBO certification-EE regional workshop