A Guide to Selecting the Right Chemistry Tuition Centre in Singapore
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  • November 09, 2022
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Coming from a country where people place great significance on Science and Technology, it is nothing out of the ordinary for a student from Singapore to be introduced to these fields at a very young age. However, while you can initially set your mindset and desire to excel, it can be quite challenging to do so. Students these days face many distractions while studying.

As students may resort to memorization, it is understandable that mastering the fundamentals and honing your skills are necessary to excel. You must understand that it may only provide a temporary solution to performance. As the academic timeline progresses, it will require much more effort to reach the top. Even more so, such difficulties can even deter students from wanting to learn more and perform better, as topics that they do not understand can be quite daunting. 

Having said this, science does not need to be difficult. With the proper education and training, any student can achieve great things.

Benefits of Enrolling at a Chemistry Tuition Centre in Singapore

Before selecting a Chemistry tuition centre in Singapore, one must first understand the importance and benefits of this program mentioned below: 

  1. Receive professional help from trained experts

First and foremost, Chemistry is a subject many students struggle with. Whether it be O Level, A Level, or IB Chemistry tuition courses, many students find this subject difficult and boring. You can enroll your child in a tuition class to receive professional help from trained experts. Through the knowledge and skills of our Chemistry tutor Dion Khoo, your children will be able to grasp concepts and topics effectively. With his guidance, the students will learn to identify and rectify their own mistakes. Furthermore, through his reputable practice of simplifying complex concepts via simple analogies, he will equip your children to excel and flourish in the subject matter. 

  1. Increased interest and motivation in learning Chemistry

In addition, Chemistry tuition can provide a stepping stone to get rid of this boredom. This situation is regularly associated with Chemistry itself. Because most students find Chemistry uninteresting and troublesome, it will be difficult for them to perform. On top of it all, social circles can easily influence the younger generation. Surrounding themselves with highly motivated students and those who enjoy learning Chemistry. It encourages them and gradually invokes an interest in the subject.

  1. Develop Healthy Study Habits

Being part of a disciplinary, learning program can also help your children develop healthy and productive study habits. Tuition centres are focused on instilling concepts and providing detailed explanations to further enhance their students’ knowledge. This helps create an encouraging learning environment, whereby learning doesn’t stop when the tutor isn’t present. When reviewing on their own, students will slow down and focus on understanding the concepts, as what is taught in tuition centres. As Chemistry is already a daunting subject, this helps them digest lessons more efficiently. They will also develop the habit of taking notes in order to retain what is taught, and use it to re-teach it to themselves during their free time. 

  1. Personalised Guidance 

There can be times wherein students may find themselves still struggling with their studies no matter how much hard work and time they put in. Because this can be due to a number of factors, not being able to pinpoint the exact cause can be the very reason why they are having trouble. Through personalised guidance from a qualified and professional Chemistry tutor, you will not only be able to identify what your area of weakness is, but also be able to successfully address it. One instance, for example, is if there is a student who struggles with grasping the concept and calculations involved in Stoichiometry, their Chemistry tutor can develop specific ways to target the issue that aligns with how the student learns. The tutor helps simplify the problems for them to understand better. They will be able to break down the calculations into easy steps, allowing the student to slowly digest and tackle the task at hand. With personalised lesson plans that target the student’s problem points, enrolling in a Chemistry tuition centre can definitely enhance your child’s learning.