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NOTE: The price above is for one hour of lessons for the stipulated level. The lesson will be conducted 1-to-1, online. For other teaching modes such as in-person lessons or group lessons, please message Focus Chemistry directly. Please note that this price is for ONLINE students who are currently NOT residing in Singapore. Students residing in Singapore and needing A Level tuition should message +65 9616 1651 for more information regarding scheduling and pricing.

Specially designed A Level Chemistry Programs. Stress-Free Learning. Score Excellent Results.

We are known for providing the top A Level Chemistry Tuition in Singapore. The level of expertise we offer here at Focus Chemistry is like no other – small and intimate group settings, effective individualised attention, with a focus on concept understanding and application rather than rote learning.

We also place utmost emphasis on complicated and confusing principles and address the most challenging examination questions.

We are confident that your Chemistry grades will soar, while you develop a newfound appreciation and love for the subject like never before!

At Focus Chemistry, we deliver a comprehensive coverage for all chapters within the A Level Chemistry syllabus.

Common Struggles

  • Do you always rely on mere memorisation to pass every test or exam?
  • Do you tend to forget concepts easily?
  • Are you sufficiently prepared to achieve the distinction you desire? Or are you still feeling lost?

Singapore A Level Chemistry Maximum Results Guaranteed in Minimal Tuition Time!

Getting things right as soon as possible is critical in achieving the most desirable outcome in your final examinations.

Choose to learn from one of the most experienced Chemistry tutors in Singapore with a proven track record in helping hundreds of students attain the results they truly deserve. Save time by learning via the correct techniques and gain invaluable examination tips within a short period.

We offer the following techniques to master the A Level Chemistry Tuition topics:

  • Crafted planning questions
  • Mock-up examinations
  • Exercise papers