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Our Expert Chemistry Tutor


Dion, a highly experienced Chemistry instructor in Singapore for over two decades, has been tutoring students both locally and worldwide through e-learning. He’s worked with prestigious institutions like Hwa Chong Institution, Dunman High School, and River Valley High School. Dion specialises in simplifying complex Chemistry concepts using relatable analogies, helping students excel in national and international exams. He’s known for his student-centred approach, providing supplementary classes as needed for test preparation. Get to know our expert Tutor Dion Khoo more!

Tutor Dion Khoo’s Teaching History

Dion’s journey in Singapore Chemistry tuition began with JC Chemistry education in 1992 at Victoria Junior College and included a seven-year tenure at Temasek Polytechnic starting in 2006. In 2013, he transitioned to full-time tutoring, significantly shifting his teaching career. His diverse experience covers theoretical knowledge, research, experimental planning, report writing, and competition presentations, all highly relevant to IB Chemistry. Dion’s training by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) equips him to effectively guide students through the intricacies of Internal Assessment (IA) and Extended Essay (EE) requirements, enhancing their academic journey.

Tutor Dion Khoo’s Achievements

At Focus Chemistry, we’re dedicated to nurturing a deep passion for Chemistry and advancing education. Here’s an overview of our journey:

  • Dion leads youth research symposiums at the Singapore International Water Week, supporting the next generation of scientific minds.

  • Dion’s judging expertise extends to platforms like the Singapore Science and Engineering Fair and the Singapore International Water Week Youth Research Poster Competition, where he promotes innovation and excellence.

  • Dion consistently mentors students to secure Gold and Silver medals in prestigious competitions, demonstrating our commitment to excellence.

  • Dion collaborates with institutions like the National University of Singapore and SMEs to advance scientific research.

  • He provides hands-on workshops in Applied Sciences to institutions like Tanjong Katong Secondary School, Dunman High School, and Hwa Chong Institution.

  • Dion wielded his prowess in JC Chemistry tuition as he leads training for the Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad, guiding students towards their full potential.

  •  His pioneering research addresses real-world challenges through Chemistry, such as oil spill mitigation using chitosan and styrofoam.

  • Celebrating Remarkable Achievements

  • Dion secured the First Prize in the Singapore Junior Water Prize Competition, highlighting our dedication to scientific innovation.

  • With over two decades of experience, Dion holds certificates in pedagogical expertise and IB Chemistry mastery, inspiring excellence in education.

Join us in our pursuit of scientific discovery and education.

5 Signs that you should go for Chemistry tuition in Singapore


In Singapore, Chemistry is an essential and common component in the O, JC A and IB Level syllabus. Focus Chemistry offers tuition programmes with personalised support, practice, and expertise for excellence.

Below are some signs that you need Chemistry tuition:

  1. Lacks mastery of concepts

  2. Short attention span when studying

  3. Does not have clear understanding of exam questions

  4. Unsure in following experiment procedures

  5. Does not have sufficient time and space to study at home

Why Choose Focus Chemistry?


At Focus Chemistry, we employ the following teaching methods and techniques:

Teaching Methods

  • Delivery of concepts through demonstration and examples

  • Involving the students in the learning process by letting them experience the application of concepts firsthand 

  • Graphic organisers such as concept maps and mind maps to breakdown complex topics into more understandable concepts

  • Multidisciplinary approach by relating previous concepts to the introduction of new topics

  • Limiting small class size to 10 students

  • Carefully planned lessons for differentiated learning activities to keep the attention and interest of the learners

Additional Techniques to Level-up your Child’s Mastery of Chemistry Lessons

  • Analyse past preliminary exam questions and solutions

  • Short-term and long-term memory tactics to recall concepts

  • Collection of personalised notes for convenient reviewing of concepts



Dion Khoo, Chemistry Tutor in Singapore



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What students are saying about Focus Chemistry on Google?

Aravind Madabhushi
Aravind Madabhushi
12 May 2021
Mr Khoo is one of the most inspiring and dedicated teachers I have come across in my schooling life. I came to Mr Khoo about 4 months before my A levels, where I was struggling to pass my school's chemistry papers. I had a very poor understanding of the concepts and I was not sure how I could recover in time for my A levels. During my first lesson itself, Mr Khoo sat down with me and was able to identify most of my weaknesses and lapses in the subject, and within 2 months, my grades jumped from an E to an A for my prelims, and I was able to score an A for my A levels as well. He would also sit down with me after lessons on some days to talk about concepts not covered in the A level syllabus just so I could have an all-round understanding of the subjects. It is truly a joy to be taught by Mr Khoo.
Calvin Chia
Calvin Chia
22 February 2021
Mr Khoo is a skilled and experienced teacher who makes learning chemistry simple but fun. Lessons are always filled with laughters and joy. In addition, his ability to break down complicated chemistry concepts and ideas into succinct and simpler steps that we can follow, allows us to grasp the subject of chemistry easily. Delivering results is not a problem for Mr Khoo, and what makes him exceptional is the enjoyment we get during classes while learning at Focus Chemistry.
Nadia Lee
Nadia Lee
8 December 2020
Mr Khoo is very effective in teaching new concepts, as well as reinforcing old ones. He has greatly helped me in chemistry this past year and I am confident that I will score well with his help.
Gabrielle Lee
Gabrielle Lee
7 December 2020
Mr Khoo is an experienced chemistry teacher and he puts in a lot of effort to provide us with good quality educational resources and tips to do better in our examinations. I have seen great improvement in my understanding of JC level chem and it has piqued my interest in chem. He is also quick in responding to questions asked outside class time.
6 December 2020
Mr Khoo's clear and concise teaching makes learning chemistry a lot easier. Not only that, but because my interest in chemistry increased, my results automatically increased helping me get 6 points in my y4 fye from only a mere pass in y3.
4 December 2020
Mr Khoo is an excellent teacher. He breaks down concepts into understandable bits of information, making chemistry a joy to learn. His patience and his vast knowledge allows students to learn more than just what is taught in school, making it a more relatble subject when learning real world applications. Mr Khoo is dedicated, checking in on every student after each major examination. He makes sure that the student understands their mistakes made, boosting their learning process. The three years that i spent with Mr Khoo was undoubtedly worth it. Thanks Mr Khoo
De Almeida Sonia
De Almeida Sonia
3 March 2018
Mr Khoo is very competent in teaching JC chemistry and is very explicit in his explanation. He uses a variety of teaching methodology to simplify questions and teaches students derive answers using the quickest methods. He develops our thought processes and links topics to real life to enable better conceptual understanding.
2 March 2018
Easy to understand and clear lessons!
Jaian Kurup
Jaian Kurup
28 January 2017
Mr khoo is one of the most knowledgeable and patient people I know, and therefore one of the best teachers I have ever met. His classes are extremely conducive and productive and well worth the time spent, where he takes the effort to make sure every single person in the class has understood the topic before moving on. He has helped me improve tremendously from a C5 to A1, and ultimately a distinction in my O levels.