O Level Chemistry

A Day in the Life of an O Level Focus Chemistry Student

Do you wonder how a typical lesson at Focus Chemistry is conducted? Want to know what makes Focus Chemistry so special? Delve into a typical day at Focus Chemistry’s O Level tuition to find out what you will be learning when you take a class with us!

When a student first enters the studio, they will sign their names to take attendance. Alternatively, they can log on online to catch the lesson remotely as per their convenience! Don’t worry if you miss a lesson - if you do, the lesson is recorded and will be sent to you, so you don’t have to compromise on your revision and progress.

1) Practicing with questions from Focus Chemistry’s O Level question bank

Students who rarely practice with O Level questions will not be able to execute answering them during the exams. It is important for students to practice not only with easier questions, but with difficult questions which challenge their Chemistry abilities and critical thinking skills. At times, schools may pose more difficult questions to students before the exam, and it is important for students to develop a good readiness so that they will be prepared for more difficult papers.

Focus Chemistry boasts an extensive O Level question bank which features difficult questions for students to practice. Students need to attempt the questions within this question bank to get good at applying the Chemistry concepts learned in school to answering the various questions. Students will also be able to practice doing questions under a timed setting to simulate exam conditions, which will benefit their confidence when facing the actual O Level exams.

2) Sharpening critical thinking skills

A common struggle of O Level Chemistry students is their lack of critical thinking skills. Often, students make the mistake of thinking that if they do past year O Level papers enough, they will memorise the patterns of the questions and know which formulas to use.

However, the style of questions and the things they are asking for can change, and students need to remember that they need to answer what the question is asking for instead of answering the question they think they are being asked. It is important for students to read the question carefully to figure out what the variable is that they need to find.

Focus Chemistry encourages students to develop critical thinking skills by providing reasons for all the answers to the various Chemistry questions. It is important that students learn not to simply put figures into the formulas they remember but think deeper as to what the problem involves. Sometimes, students need to think about which formula is suitable to solve the problem or manipulate some variables in the formulas to obtain the final answer.

3) Clarifying conceptual doubts

The biggest challenge students will face is the race against time to cover all the content needed and practice as much as possible for their upcoming O Level exams. Being prepared for the O Level exams is not a straightforward process, as it depends on the skill level of each student and the time they are willing and able to spend on the subject. Some students are naturally more predisposed to studying sciences as compared to other students.

However, the commonalities between all students who do well for their Chemistry O Levels are as follows: all of them will have tried different permutations of questions and learned how to apply the content knowledge they have learned to the questions. Furthermore, all of them will know how to double check their answers to avoid making careless mistakes.

Focus Chemistry identifies the areas in which its students are weak and helps them overcome their struggles. Different students will learn at varying paces, with different learning styles. At Focus Chemistry, we believe that students can use different methods to attain the same result of a good grade in Chemistry. With time and effort, students will surely be able to get ready for their O Level exams if they follow the expert guidance of their tutor at Focus Chemistry.

Achieve your desired O Level Chemistry grades with Focus Chemistry!

Focus Chemistry boasts 30 years of experience in teaching Chemistry to all levels of students. Whether you are looking to prepare for exams, go for Chemistry competitions, or simply bolster your foundation of basic Chemistry concepts, Focus Chemistry is the go-to Chemistry specialist in Singapore.

The O Level examinations are an important milestone in every Singaporean secondary school student’s life. Students need to do well for their O Level exams if they wish to progress to Junior College and eventually attain a university education. However, students face a high workload and may not have enough time to pay equal attention to all the subjects they are studying. As such, students may need additional help and guidance from a tutor to score well for their exams.

With time and effort, every student will surely be able to achieve their desired grades in Chemistry. Focus Chemistry has a tried-and-tested teaching method and specially curated materials and question banks to help you prepare for every Chemistry exam.

Feel more confident when you step into the exam and hall and gain knowledge and experience answering many different permutations of Chemistry questions so that you will be well prepared to handle any question in your O Level Chemistry exam paper.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

a) Is O level chemistry hard?

O Level Chemistry can be challenging for students who lack a good foundation in basic Chemistry concepts. Furthermore, the calculations in O Level Chemistry can be challenging for students who are weaker at Mathematics.

b) How do I study for Chemistry O Level?

Firstly, the student should understand what the syllabus and style of exam questions are like for H2 Chemistry. Next, the student should practice doing the questions to do well and fix knowledge gaps and their lack of conceptual understanding.

c) Is Chemistry compulsory in O Level?

No, students can choose whether to undertake O Level Chemistry or not. However, if students want to do Chemistry as a subject in JC, they should be advised to take Chemistry in O Levels.

d) What is the hardest chapter in Chemistry O Levels?

Organic Chemistry could be taken to be the hardest chapter in Chemistry O Levels as it is easy to mix up the different concepts learned in school.

e) Can you fail O Levels?

It is possible to fail O Levels, and the consequence of this is the reduced chance of admission into a Junior College or polytechnic.