About Focus Chemistry

Dion Khoo, Chemistry Tutor in Singapore

Singapore’s Recommended Chemistry Tutor

Equipped with over two decades of knowledgeable experience, Dion, an expert Chemistry tutor in Singapore, has been invested in teaching students in Singapore and engaging Chemistry students worldwide via e-Tutoring.

His past and current engagement with schools like Hwa Chong Institution, Dunman High School, River Valley High School, and more, have led to his in-depth understanding of Chemistry and interactive techniques for effective teaching.

He is a coach and a mentor that strives to raise academic results and interest in Chemistry through multidisciplinary programmes and courses.

  • Research Monitoring Program
  • Chemistry Olympiad Training
  • Applied Sciences Workshops

No matter the current level, he aims to help students achieve the highest grade possible in the national and/or international exams. His expertise as a Chemistry tutor in Singapore lies in simplifying complex concepts through simple and relatable analogies.

Dion also goes out of his way for his students in organising extra classes as needed to prepare them for tests and assessments. His personalised and student-centric approach in teaching helps develop a fresher and clearer perspective on seemingly complex principles in Chemistry.


Teaching in Higher Education Certificate

IB Diploma Chemistry (Cat 1) Certificate

IB Diploma Chemistry: A focus on Internal Assessment (Cat 3) Certificate


Having taught Chemistry since 1992, Dion first started teaching briefly at Victoria Junior College then taught at Temasek Polytechnic in 2006 for 7 years before becoming a full-time tutor in 2013.

His knowledgeable and rich experience across different sciences in theory as well as practical research, experimental planning, technical report writing, and competition presentation has been relevant to IB Chemistry.

Being IBO trained enables Dion to better guide students in IA (Internal Assessment) and EE (Extended Essay).

His past experiences also include:

  • Chairing youth research symposium in the Singapore International Water Week
  • Services as judge in the Singapore Science and Engineering Fair and Singapore International Water Week Youth Research Poster competition
  • Mentoring student research projects that won Gold medal in the Singapore Junior Water Week
  • Mentoring student research projects that won Silver medal in the Sembcorp Green Wave Challenge and Singapore Science and Engineering Fair
  • Collaborating with NUS and SMEs on research projects
  • Conducting workshop for Applied Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) in translating scientific theories into working experiments at Tanjong Katong Secondary School, Dunman High School and Hwa Chong Institution (eg. Environmental Science, Material Science and Culinary science, Engineering)
  • Overseeing training for the Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad for secondary school students by providing research mentoring in project scopes

Our Mission

To create an enriching experience in learning through our unique and proven techniques, guiding our students towards academic excellence.

Our Vision

Igniting fresh perspectives and appreciation in Chemistry.

Core Values



Transparency in all areas to establish a personalised tutoring experience with the students



Establishing a safe and comfortable environment where students will be free to share their areas of difficulties and know that they can always ask for assistance



Committed to help students attain the best academic results possible



Consistently performs well and ensures students get the best education they deserve

What Sets Us Apart

Through years of invaluable teaching experience, Dion has encountered a wide array of question types from top schools, including the University of Cambridge. He has witnessed the evolution of the syllabus and nature of the examinations throughout the years. With this, Dion has devised novel ways to relook at the chapters to convey them in a simpler way.

Instead of memorising textbooks and notes:

  • He advocates the observation of concepts from a different perspective to develop a clearer understanding.
  • He also encourages students to cross-reference and apply concepts learnt across various topics or disciplines instead of learning each chapter independently.
  • Learning is made visual by using concept maps and mind maps.

Personalised Attention

Our small-group setting provides a more conducive and comfortable learning environment with increased opportunities for a one-on-one interaction.Interactive learning is promoted as students engage with their peers, but individualised attention is given to each of our students.

We also pride ourselves in providing prompt responses to all questions and comments.

Our Teaching Methodology

With Dion’s two decades of teaching experience, he has developed his own lesson model that has been proven to be effective over the years.

  • Detailed concepts through demonstration and daily examples
  • Linking concepts across topics
  • Relating concepts to research trends and industrial practices
  • Learning through Doing (LTD)
  • Selected past year preliminary examinations’ questions and solutions for practice
  • Detailed analysis of examination answer scripts and prescription of remedies to overcome losing marks
  • Analyses reports shared with parents for areas of improvement

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