Congratulations! You’re probably reading this article because you just completed your O Levels. Now you are ready to conquer your last few milestones before embarking on your career. With that, the next step is to determine whether Junior College or Polytechnic is the way to go. As both types of institutions have their own benefits, it is vital that you carefully weigh your options. In this article, we will discuss how to choose between JC and Poly, and how Focus Chemistry can help should you decide to take on JC Chemistry.

Can I Afford The Chemistry Programme in JC or Poly?

There is a marginal difference between the expenses for JC and Poly education. In Singapore, the annual cost of a Junior College course amounts to around SGD200. Poly, on the other hand, is substantially higher that sums up at an average of SGD3,000. JC appears to be a more viable option for those who are unable to afford the budget for Poly education.

However, there is another factor to consider when it comes to finances. When pursuing a university degree after Poly, you can eliminate a few semesters of work should you select a related major. Because of this, university fees can be made a whole lot more affordable.

Do I Want to Study At a University?

Opting to go to JC or Poly is a critical step towards building your future. With that, it is important to understand how your choice between JC or Poly affects your university experience.

First and foremost, JC is an A Levels program. Because students under this program become accustomed to this degree of difficulty, JC graduates generally find it much easier to get into university compared to Poly students. JC would potentially be the better option if you really want to further your academic career.

However, you have better opportunities for academic scholarships and reduced overall costs when it comes to university when you opt for a Poly program. Additionally, if you have a specific, niche career you are looking to explore, or if you are seeking an immediate employment, then Poly is the way to go.

What are the Differences Between JC and Poly Programmes?


There is a one-year difference between JC and Poly studies, which can greatly affect not only your decision but also the impact it has on your education.

JC education takes a shorter time to complete, as it only takes two years, compared to Poly’s three years. However, while this may seem like the more desirable approach, there is a drawback. JC programs are usually more meticulous and intense.

Number of Choices

Currently, there are only five Poly institutions compared to nineteen JC institutions in Singapore. With that, there are more JC options open for you to explore.


When it comes to workload, there is quite a difference between JC and Poly. Firstly, JC is known to have a more rigid and hectic schedule. The curriculum can get rigorous and stressful. This causes JC students to struggle a bit more, but all their efforts will be merited a GCE A Level certificate.

Polytechnics are known to be more flexible and lenient with their educational requirements, which is the main contributor to shorter study hours. Poly students usually spend an average of 25 hours per week studying, compared to 40 hours for JC students.

Career Benefits

When it comes to diversity and opportunities, Junior Colleges offer a wider array of social and scientific disciplines. This is because their curriculum focuses more on theoretical knowledge rather than practical application. With that, it is important that students possess critical thinking, analytical skills, along with a deep understanding of the subject matter.

Contrastingly, Poly offers more specialised courses. For instance, it doesn’t just focus on Chemistry as a subject, but provides practical application to further understanding. Because these courses are meant to be more specific, particularly in terms of practical application, students have higher, or even immediate, employability. It also makes the search easier for those who seek further education in the same field or even internship opportunities.

Take on Your JC Chemistry Programme With Ease With Focus Chemistry

The choice between Junior College and Polytechnic is a tough one. Especially since the decision you make will greatly influence the path of your future. While having a good understanding of what each course brings to the table, good education is important. Here at Focus Chemistry, we offer top notch JC Chemistry tutorials to help you conquer your classes. Not only will we equip you with the fundamentals, but also with a deeper understanding of Chemistry principles that are sure to help you excel. Looking to hone your skills in preparation for Junior College? Get in touch with Focus Chemistry today via or call us at +65 9616 1651 and don’t let the difficulty of the curriculum stop you from choosing the course you truly desire.