What is IB Chemistry?

In Singapore, the International Baccalaureate (IB) is viewed as a more advanced and comprehensive alternative to traditional degrees like the GCE A Levels. IB Chemistry tuition seeks to help students build interpersonal and information technology skills that are critical in today’s world. 

Why is IB Chemistry Tuition Necessary?

This course is designed with an organised approach. It is for students to understand all the essential chemical principles in a systematic manner. IB Chemistry aids students in analysing any type of knowledge critically, and eventually urges students to ask questions and compare real-world situations. With that, comes the importance of selecting the best IB Chemistry Tuition Centre for you. 

Read further to get a rundown of the do’s in shortlisting your choices!

Choosing IB Chemistry Tuition in Singapore

1. Find out the academic background and teaching experience of tutors 

Every parent wants their child to achieve educational excellence. Since children spend a good amount of their time with their tutors, it is critical that they have educators who are more qualified to provide them the best quality education possible. It goes without saying that tutors must have the necessary credentials and qualifications in order to effectively instruct their students. At Focus Chemistry, our tutor Dion Khoo has impressive credentials. He has extensive experience mentoring numerous schools such as HCI and Dunman High in complex research projects.

Quick Tips:

  • Determine whether the instructor has any experience mentoring in IA and EE. The IB Chemistry IA is an investigative essay that aims to explain the chemistry underlying frequent real-world events. It also examines your understanding of Chemistry up to the level attained in your coursework via practical application of the concepts obtained. By providing precise instruction, a tutor with established knowledge in this area may successfully help consolidate your Chemistry IA research.
  • On the other hand, since the IB Chemistry extended essay (EE) is designed to make students think independently and outside of the box, an expert tutor can help students analyse their decisions, reflect on their new insights and skills, and respond to problems by providing alternate techniques or ideas.

2Find out proven results of past students

It is understandable that most pupils will struggle because of the subject’s abstract form. Examining the track record of previous graduates provides a clear indicator of whether the tuition centre has been successful in helping your peers score their IB examinations. Apart from the results, reviewing the testimonies of previous graduates may help you understand how the tuition centre aided them in their learning path.

3. Seek tuition centres that adjust to the students’ curriculum

Tutors must be able to actively contribute to the curriculum development apart from their teaching responsibilities. The idea is to continuously push the teaching envelope and ensure fruitful learning. Aside from the tutor’s teaching capabilities and approach, the instructional materials are also important to examine. The quality of teaching materials varies from one tuition centre to the next, so ask to see a sample of their materials to determine whether it suits your child.

4. Gauge whether the educators’ teaching styles hook students to learn Chemistry

Because IB Chemistry is such a content-heavy topic, information overload is quite likely to make learning tiresome. Having an IB Chemistry tutor, however, may also create individualised strategies to keep learning enjoyable for their pupils. Apart from assisting students in memorising syllabus content, competent tutors are acutely aware of their students’ needs. Moreover, they continually create ways to help students remember the principles taught. This would pique the students’ interest and alertness. Therefore, it will allow them to respond to queries more simply and boost their confidence in class and during exams.

5. Choose quality over convenience

Going to a tuition program is not the same as going food shopping. You can go to the market and acquire your groceries but selecting an appropriate tuition program is an investment that would benefit you in the long run. While some parents were fortunate enough to have their difficulties resolved, many others reported that their child has not improved after six months. To prevent flushing your hard-earned money down the toilet, make sure you choose quality tuition.

Selecting the Best IB Chemistry Tuition Centre in Singapore for You

Because everyone learns differently, don’t be surprised if the greatest IB Chemistry tuition centre for another, isn’t the ideal tuition centre for you. Do yourself a favour and conduct research, keeping the aforementioned factors in mind.

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