Children, like adults, experience stress for a variety of reasons, such as chores and other factors, including school, which is a significant source of anxiety for them as they grow up because it is an essential component of their surroundings.

Specifically, students experience academic stress because of the harsh personality of the teacher, tests, activities, and the uncomfortable learning environment. Moreover, the pressure escalates to the fact that students in a competitive country like Singapore are obliged to work harder to improve their marks, leading them to take tuition such as H2 Chemistry tuition

That is why we have listed methods parents may assist their children in dealing with and managing academic pressure.


Here are coping mechanisms for parents to help their children while taking H2 Chemistry tuition

 1. Consult with the child.


Communicating with youngsters is the first and most crucial tip. Begin by establishing a dialogue with the student. Keep in mind that they are still children who tend to withdraw themselves and have difficulty opening out to adults. Some youngsters are unsure how to approach their parents, particularly when discussing their academic challenges, especially in H2 Chemistry tuition. As a result, parents should take the initiative and inquire about what is upsetting their children and how they might assist them.

 2. Pay attention to what they’re saying.

 Because discussion is two-way, this pertains to the first point. While it is terrific to counsel a child, parents should wait until the youngster has finished speaking or until they have asked for guidance or the parent’s viewpoint. 

Pay attention to what they’re saying instead of telling them how they should feel. In instances like this, the best help parents can give their children is to listen to them and genuinely hear their concerns.

 3. Share your experiences 

It is not the same as the “lesson” mentioned in the prior advice. Storytelling or sharing a parent’s personal experience can also reduce a student’s academic anxiety.

The parent can relate their own life experiences to the child’s concerns and difficulties. This type of dialogue allows the child to put their tension and anxiety into perspective and understand that it’s normal. However, it is still necessary to confront and conquer negative feelings.

 4. Be upbeat.


It’s always beneficial for the parents to approach the problem with a positive mindset to consider putting themselves in the child’s dilemma or perspective. However, refrain from saying things like, “Don’t be sad/angry/frightened.” Saying this won’t magically remove all unpleasant feelings. Allow the youngster to express their emotions, such as sadness, anger, or fear. 

 5. Encourage interests and activities.


With all of the school activities and even after-school activities, the child must have time for their hobbies and interests. Hobbies are one of the best coping mechanisms a person may have when it comes to stress management. As parents, you can examine your child’s calendar and assess whether or not they have enough time to accomplish the activities they enjoy. It will not only help them cope with stress, but it will also enable them to take a break and avoid burnout.

 6. Reinforce accordingly 

As many theories stated, positive reinforcement is an excellent strategy to enhance learning. In the case of academic pressure, reinforcement may also contribute to relieving it. It is a way to reward the child when something is achieved. Therefore, the child will not focus on the idea that learning is an obligation but rather a rewarding experience.


Academic stress may be frightening for anyone, especially children. It might be scary for parents as well. They are, however, children. There will be difficult situations for youngsters that would not be serious for adults.

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