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 O Level Chemistry Tuition

At Focus Chemistry, we deliver a comprehensive coverage for all chapters within the O-LEVEL, IP and IGCSE syllabus.

More than 90% of our O-Level students have achieved top grades.

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Specially designed O Levels and IGCSE Chemistry Programs. Stress-Free Learning. Score Excellent Results.

We are known for providing the top O Level Chemistry Tuition in Singapore. The level of expertise we offer here at Focus Chemistry is like no other – small and intimate group settings, effective individualised attention, with a focus on concept understanding and application rather than rote learning.

We also place utmost emphasis on complicated and confusing principles and address the most challenging examination questions.

We are confident that your Chemistry grades will soar, while you develop a newfound appreciation and love for the subject like never before!

At Focus Chemistry, we deliver a comprehensive coverage for all chapters within the O-LEVEL and IGCSE CHEMISTRY syllabus.

Common Struggles

  • Do you always rely on mere memorisation to pass every test or exam?
  • Do you tend to forget concepts easily?
  • Are you sufficiently prepared to achieve the distinction you desire? Or are you still feeling lost?

O Level Chemistry Maximum Results Guaranteed in Minimal Tuition Time!

Getting things right as soon as possible is critical in achieving the most desirable outcome in your final examinations.

Choose to learn from one of the most experienced Chemistry tutors in Singapore with a proven track record in helping hundreds of students attain the results they truly deserve. Save time by learning via the correct techniques and gain invaluable examination tips within a short period. 

We offer the following techniques to master the O Level Chemistry topics:

  • Crafted planning questions
  • Mock-up examinations
  • Exercise papers

Experience  O Level Chemistry Tuition with Motivating Environment!

Here at Focus Chemistry, we believe that learning goes beyond the mere deliverance of knowledge. On top of helping students nail down the topics covered in O Level or IGCSE Chemistry tuition classes, we strive to inspire and motivate you to see the relevance of your education in your daily lives. Besides helping you excel in your examinations, we also hope that through our unique teaching methods below, you too will develop a love for learning Chemistry.

  • Small-sized class with 10 learners
  • Simplified notes
  • Concept and mind maps for visual-aided learning
  • Mnemonics
  • Board works and presentations
  • Guided laboratory activities
  • Individual mentoring

What do our students and parents have to say?

Here are some of the testimonials that our students and parents shared about our O Level Chemistry tuition services:

Jonathan Khoo

Grade A1 in O Levels Pure Chemistry (2020)

Maris Stella High School

Mr Dion Khoo is a very dedicated tutor that always strives to help students achieve nothing but excellence. His lessons are impactful and he is always able to provide additional information on certain topics to deepen our understanding of it. His lessons are far more engaging and simpler to follow than what was taught in the school. Even though his teaching style is unique, it provides remarkable results and it has definitely contributed to my successes in Chemistry. Lastly, his lessons are clear and concise, which greatly benefited me by eliminating useless information to remember.

Mrs Poh Yan Ling

Parent of Luke Poh

Grade A2 in O level Pure Chemistry (2020)

Angle Chinese School (Independent)

Dr Ong is a dedicated tutor and the best chemistry tutor that I have engaged to help my son.

He was able to diagnose the gaps and inaccuracies in my son’s understanding of the subject. He simplified concepts which helped my son to understand and apply the concepts. He also gave my son a good revision schedule and emphasised the key learning points for each lesson.

As a result of his tutoring efforts and encouragement, my son improved from a D7 to an A2 for his O level exams.

Frequently Asked Questions in O Level Chemistry Tuition

Here are the top questions frequently asked by parents who wanted their children to excel in O Level Chemistry tuition:

Do you prepare students for A levels or IB diploma after O levels?

A levels/IB Diploma Bridging classes for post-O level students are usually conducted from end-November to mid-January. During this 8-10 weeks’ course, students experience a sample of the variety of topics, as well as the nature of questions at these higher levels.

Do you conduct group lessons for IP students sitting for A level or IB track?

Group classes conducted for secondary school students are usually for those who study Secondary 3 and 4 pure Chemistry. For IP/IB students, due to similarity in content, they can join the O level Pure Chemistry classes.

However, there are some IP schools, such as NJC and ACS(I), where the fraction of the syllabi that are of A level/IB level are much greater than other IP schools. As such, the typical O level Pure Chemistry classes will not be a good fit. The tutor may customise the group class to accommodate students of 2 different tracks within the same class, or the student can opt for a more customised and personalised one-on-one lesson with the tutor.

Does the tutor conduct intensive revision for O and A levels?

The tutor does conduct intensive revision for O and A levels, usually during the 2nd/3rd week of June. Collation of the most recent past-year preliminary examination papers will be used for topical revision after the concepts of each chapters are taught.

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