Having great time management is key to top performance for any requirement, and when it comes to O Level Chemistry exams, it isn’t any different. However, this doesn’t only apply to exam day itself. Time management is an essential skill before, during, and after your examination. In this article, we will be discussing the format of an O Level exam and how to perfectly manage your time when taking it. 

Tips to Manage Your Time When Preparing for Your O Level Exam

When it comes to taking an exam, preparation is just as important as taking one. While mastering each topic is already such a feat, equally setting time for each, it becomes much more difficult having to juggle it with your other subjects. With that, we have listed some guidelines that are sure to help you effectively manage your time before the big day.

1. Set and Manage Your Goals

Once you know the date and time of your exam, look at how much time you have to prepare. With that, it’s important to allocate enough time to master each segment needed from the syllabus. This is an important step because going through all segments at once can be overwhelming and be an information overload when taken all in one sitting. Set a period for each topic to avoid procrastinating. For example, you can plan to take on the topics that are easier for you. Perhaps you can start with the Redox Reaction for a certain number of days, and then move on to another topic like Electrolysis. 

By taking one topic at a time, you are sure to carefully go through and master each one. If you don’t have a lot of time till the exam, you can tackle summaries and notes in a certain number of hours instead. However, it is important to note that this can only work with consistent, disciplined studying every day. This is so that you are simply going to refresh your minds when opting to go through this shortened, crash course method. With that, you must remember to set realistic time limits and goals for yourself to monitor your progress and motivate yourself to complete every chapter. 

2. Take Healthy Brain Breaks in Between

While studying and mastering each topic is your main goal, it is important to remember that you are human. As much as you try to store information in your brain, when exhausted, this can be close to impossible. With that, it is vital to take breaks in between. This not only helps you retain information better but it also prevents burnouts, memory loss. You must learn how to take care of your personal needs, which can be done by taking a power nap, having a good meal, or even listening to a few songs. Ensuring your body gets enough sleep and nutrition is the key to mastering all topics covered in the exam in the amount of time that you allotted for yourself. With that, when creating a schedule for your day, remember to put these important breaks in between and strictly follow them. 

Balance is also needed as one can be prone to taking breaks that are too long, which can hinder your studying. Study habits and patterns need practice and discipline to get yourself on track and master your topics, and will even help improve other areas of your life.

Tips to Manage Your Time When Taking Your O Level Chemistry Exam


Now that you’ve successfully prepared, you are ready to take your exam! The Pure Chemistry O Level exam consists of three papers, with Multiple Choice Questions, structured questions, and a school-based practical assessment. 

It is important to carefully look into each segment as you will need to allocate time for each. Identify which questions are easiest for you so that you can dedicate more time for the harder segments. Multiple Choice, for example, can take up to one hour, while structured questions can go up to 1 hour and 45 minutes.

But how exactly should one tackle each part while perfectly managing their time? Here are a few tips to do so:

1. Analyse Each Question

When you stumble upon a difficult question, skip it and move onto the next. While it may be tempting to power through and stay on it, you can unconsciously spend way too much time causing you to have to rush through the rest. Prioritizing questions you are confident in first is the key and it gives you more time to go through the ones you skipped.

2. Rule Out Each Choice

For the Multiple Choice questions, rule out each choice one by one. Start with the ones you are certain are wrong and work from there. This works even if you eventually decide to skip the question because when coming back you will have fewer options to work with, saving you a lot of time.

3. Don’t Over-Explain

When tackling structured questions, you must read them carefully and identify what exactly they are looking for. This is extremely important in time management because you can go straight to the point, without having to further elaborate if not necessary. For example, when a question has two marks, it is likely the question requires two key points in your answer. While writing a paragraph and proving your knowledge can seem like a good thing, it is actually counterproductive. This not only wastes your time but it also does not merit you any extra points. Again, when unsure, it is better to skip than waste time writing something that turns out to be inaccurate.

4. Go Over Your Exam Once Finished

Allot time in the end to go over your entire exam paper to check your work. This can help you discover some mistakes you may have overlooked or help you finally fully understand a question and gives you a chance to change or polish your answer.

5. Stay Calm and Confident

Lastly, remember to relax. While it can be easier said than done, panicking will not get you anywhere. It is always important to remember that a lot can be done with a level head and the confidence of having prepared properly for an exam. You must also keep in mind that as much as you have studied, something can still go wrong. However, what matters is you remain calm and focused and anaylse the situation carefully, and the answer will naturally come.

Hone Your O Level Chemistry Exam Time Management Skills With Focus Chemistry!

Taking an exam can always be daunting, even just preparing for it. It may be tough deciding what to prioritise first. With proper time management however, you will be able to go over and grasp each topic carefully, enabling you to take on your exams head on. In Focus Chemistry, our aim is to not only teach our students how to master Chemistry, but to also help them develop proper study habits. Partner with us today via dion.khoo@nexusconsutancy.org or call us at +65 9616 1651 to confidently ace your O Level exams.