Chemistry is present in everything around us. The air we breathe, the food we cook and eat, and the activities we do on a daily basis. Because of this, gaining a deeper understanding of the subject matter can open many possibilities for you in the future. In this article, we will discuss 3 ways H2 Chemistry can prepare you for your life beyond university.

Saving Lives through Medicine

Stoichiometry, which is one of the most important concepts in Chemistry, is one of the topics tackled in H2 Chemistry. But what exactly is it? In short, Stoichiometry is the measurement of mass ratios of chemical elements in a given chemical reaction. Just like how a chef measures their ingredients when preparing food, Stoichiometry tells us how much of each reactant is needed for the desired product. With this, we can apply stoichiometry in a variety of real-world applications, such as medicine.

The pharmaceutical industry cannot exist without Chemistry. This includes Stoichiometry, specifically because quantities of compounds need to be exact to be able to produce the proper medication. This, then, helps pharmacists determine the appropriate prescription needed for their patients. It is absolutely crucial that these measurements are exact because even a slight miscalculation or error can change the potency of a drug, and fatally harm a person.

Contribute to Food Production

Because all food contains chemical substances, Chemistry plays an important role in food production. For example, you can alter the colour of food to make it look more appealing, and adjust the flavours to make it taste better. Furthermore, adding supplements can improve food’s nutritional value and food additives can help prolong the shelf life. 

Chemistry in food goes beyond enhancing food itself, it also helps with additional factors such as food packaging materials, prepping and cooking ingredients, or even earlier down the food chain with pesticides and combating animal diseases.


Teach Chemistry

We understand that H2 Chemistry is no easy subject and excelling at it is something that should be acknowledged. In fact, because there are students who struggle, this can be the perfect motivator to becoming an H2 Chemistry tutor in Singapore. Helping others understand the fundamentals of H2 Chemistry is both a rewarding and learning experience. It is also a productive way of meeting new people and forming new relationships and growing together. In fact, Singapore is known to have quite a number of notable formators. One of these is Dion Khoo, who has been teaching since 1992, and prides himself in making Chemistry interesting while delivering results.

Broaden Your Horizons with H2 Chemistry!

Chemistry plays a huge role in everyone’s lives as one of the most fundamental subjects. This is because it is involved in every aspect of our existence, from meeting our basic needs to developing new methods to enhance our way of living. Chemistry is also what makes it possible for us to tackle problems in order to find new solutions. Therefore, Chemistry is more than just a subject in school. In actual fact, it is a study that prepares us for the real world. Get in touch with Focus Chemistry today via or call us at +65 9616 1651 for and unlock countless opportunities to take Chemistry beyond the place of learning.