A 2012 article in Slate about science education highlight’s Singapore’s ascendance to the ranks of those elite countries with the highest-quality science education in the world.

In the article, Dr. Charles Chew noted, “Today, we have a highly customized education system that aims to prepare our young people for a future with exciting scientific developments and increasing uncertainties. Our curriculum is intended to encourage the betterment of society, acquisition of subject matter knowledge, the individual personal development, and thinking skills. This balance is to ensure that our school curriculum is future-relevant, focusing on developing holistic and future-ready competencies in our students.”

Tuition for A-level chemistry provides the background that students need to succeed in post-secondary education, work and life. It is a daunting challenge for many though; and the Singaporean education system’s rigor requires that students and parents take a proactive approach to preparation for the GCE A-Level Examination.

How Students Can Excel in A-level Chemistry

Guidance from Dartmouth University provides some straight-forward steps that students can take to cope with the challenges of college-level chemistry. In their guidance, the University recommends the following:

  • Read the book before lecture
  • Attend lecture
  • Take careful notes
  • Go over your notes as soon as possible after class
  • Work through the class examples (with paper and pencil—not in your head)
  • Work with your peers
  • Join a study group
  • Ask your instructor questions

Focus Chemistry Can Help

By providing one-on-one attention to each student, our A-level chemistry tuition offers a learning experience based on the student’s specific needs utilizing our high-quality curriculum.