Best chemistry tuition in Singapore as recommended by ex students

Chemistry bridging courses are required to continue the academic career and sometimes it gets harder for students to get high marks in such courses. As this is a requirement for acceptance in some educational institute, students can’t take risk of appearing in that exam half prepared. In general chemistry is considered a tough subject where students may pass the exam by memorizing things (which are not that easy in the first place) but they cannot get high marks without understanding everything and without having full grasp of the subject.

Why Chemistry Is A Difficult Subject And Why Students Find Chemistry Bridging Course Tough?

Although every science subject is considered tough but chemistry challenge students at every turn; the tuition industry in Singapore is booming and according to some surveys, chemistry is the most popular subject where students need additional help to get high marks. Let’s see why chemistry is a difficult subject and why students find chemistry tough.

Chemistry is Difficult Because Everyone Says It Is

That is right; the main reason why chemistry is considered a difficult subject is because everyone says it is difficult. However, things are not that simple; usually, students think that memorizing things can help them get high marks. This assumption sounds reasonable as students with good memory get high marks. But chemistry doesn’t follow this simple rule and now because of MOE syllabus and exam system, scenario based questions challenge students.

Chemistry Is Not Visual

One of the biggest problem with understand the tough concepts of chemistry it is not visual. Students cannot see molecules and they cannot see the exact chemical reaction or other similar phenomenon. Although we can say the same about math or physics where many things are not visual but we see math and physics in everyday life. To resolve this certain issue, many chemistry tutors use a technique known as mind mapping.

It Is Not Safe

Most of the chemical reactions are not safe to perform at home and without proper guidance and equipment. Students use math in life every day, they can even perform physics experiments at home and observe the behavior of different things but things are different with chemistry.

Chemistry Needs Problem Solving Skills

There are many subjects like history where you need good memory to get high marks and problem solving skills don’t make a difference here. While some subjects like math needs these skills; for example, if you know how to add two numbers then you can add any two numbers. Interestingly, chemistry lies between these two types where a student needs good memory as well as problem solving skills.

How To Get High Marks In Chemistry?

Students need to understand the fundamental concepts of chemistry so they can solve scenario based questions. Many times, these questions combine two entirely different parts of the chemistry and in such situations, memorizing everything does not help at all. Students need full grasp over the concepts to solve questions that sometimes appear out of MOE syllabus.