Singapore has one of the best education systems in the world and the primary reason is Ministry of Education. This governing body designs the syllabus for schools and ensures students are getting superior education. On the other hand, MOE has put lots of pressure on students by making the whole education environment competitive. Science subjects like chemistry needs lots of dedication that is almost impossible for students without additional help.

Though it is not absolutely necessary to get chemistry tuition in Singapore to pass the exam, students (and their parents) don’t want to just pass the exam; they want to get high marks. Because of the demand, now there are lots of tuition centers and chemistry tutors in Singapore. Regardless of what your stance is on tuition, parents and students must understand the fact that tuition is not a substitute of school but it should be considered additional help.

Is Chemistry Tuition Mandatory?

First of all, tuition is not necessary in any case; whether it is about science subjects or something else, the MOE and school systems in Singapore deliver the best education in the region. Yet there are some reasons why finding a good chemistry tutor in Singapore would be a good idea.

Young Students Are Not Motivated

You can’t expect 15-year olds to understand how important the education is. It is difficult to find a motivated, organized, and self-studying young student because young minds don’t work like that. You can’t expect them to manage their time between academic and other activities. In some cases, students seek help from their teachers and parents but that is not always the case.

Education System

The education system of Singapore and MOE syllabus is designed to be self-sufficient but when lectures are delivered to hundreds of students, not all of them understand things the same way. Some students get tough concepts in the first attempt while others struggle. In other words, the learning abilities of students vary and some students need extra efforts from chemistry tutor in Singapore.

Class Size

In Singapore, usually 30-40 students attend a class; it gets practically difficult for the teacher to give every student individual attention that ultimately results in some students lacking behind. On the other hand, most of the chemistry tuition centers in Singapore offer classes with less than 10 students so the chemistry tutor can give them individual attention.

Education Culture

No doubt, in Singapore people are known by their achievements and for a student, it is all about grades and qualification. People has low acceptance for failure and that’s why students and their parents don’t take even slight risk and that’s why chemistry tuition is there to mitigate the risk of getting low marks.

International Students

There are thousands of international students from other countries like China and India. These students understand they have invested so much money and efforts into this process so they dedicate themselves to the study. Because of the curved grading system, other students have to work harder than before to keep up the pace.